• Diatribe 4 – If Michael Cheika was Donald Trump of Rugby (If?)

    Diatribe 4 – If Michael Cheika was Donald Trump of Rugby (If?)

    We’re at a press conference…… Michael walks in ….. CHEIKA: What a crowd. (APPLAUSE) CHEIKA: And just so you know there aren’t too many people protesting the Wallabies or ARU, OK. That I can tell you. (APPLAUSE) Well, I’m thrilled to be back in New Zealand, in the great area of Christchurch, in the face of our opposition. We’ve done so well here this year. Sometimes it’s a shaky start…. (APPLAUSE), (Rapture over the excellent joke) With so many thousands […]

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  • Diatribe 3

    Diatribe 3

    The Elephant in the Room Cheika…. Good lord. Could it get worse? Is he trying to fail in order to take over the ARU completely? Is this a greater conspiracy? Are the Wallabies really that bad? Stick with the defensive patterns as they are? It’s all attitude? The All Blacks went to sleep 40 points up and we are happy that we scored some soft tries? Kurtley Beale gets an award for the best loser in a losing team?? What […]

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  • Diatribe 2

    Diatribe 2

    Western Force The farce just had to come to this conclusion. “Let’s get rid of the Force, it’s much better to have Rugby in Melbourne”. Never mind the flow of Wallabies that have started to flow into Australias international stocks out of this system. Never mind the financial and public support that they get in the City of “Where the hell is Perth again??” Certainly living over here gives one a decent perspective on living remotely and as a 7th […]

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  • Diatribe 1

    Diatribe 1

      Here we are at the end of the Super Rugby Season looking at a final between a Team that looks South African but is Kiwi and one that Looks Kiwi but is South African. The Crusaders have a brutal big pack and live off defence, the Lions have a fast mobile large pack, great backs and they live of dynamic open play. What has happened? It’s good to see of course as the competition needs something to smile about. […]

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