Cheika watch – why he should be fuming

Michael Cheika on Kick & Chase

It’s no clowngate but I’m tipping Wallabies’ coach Michael Cheika had a few choice words for Fox Sports Kick & Chase after this week’s show.

Check out his face in this screenshot.

I reckon he is fuming, and, unlike clowngate where he went right off and was completely out of line, in this case I think he had every right to be grumpy.

He was in the middle of announcing his Wallaby squad live on TV for the first time (even the players didn’t know who was in apparently which was an excellent move for fans), when Kick & Chase came back from an ad break with a promo.

The promo for the treble of upcoming Australian Tests against Fiji, Soctland and Italy went like this:


Rod Kafer: It’s the rarest treble in rugby
Phil Kearns: Never been done
Stephen Hoiles: No one’s even attempted it before
Andrew Mehrtens: The All Blacks haven’t even done it
George Gregan: It’s the one that got away from me. Definitely.
Stephen Hoiles: If this Wallaby team can pull it off, they’ll be the greatest Wallaby team ever


They came back from the break, Hoiles said that’s the first time he’d see it and he was “somewhat shocked to be honest”, and as the team laughed a little nervously Cheika sat stonefaced in the middle.

Essentially the commentators here were all lined up to laugh at the quality of the opponents the Wallabies will face in their next three Tests.

Tongues were firmly in cheek as they pretended it would be momentous to win these three matches.

This is completely disrespectful to Fiji, Scotland and Italy, and nowhere near reality to suggest the Wallabies are currently certainties.

I know Scotland in particular would beg to differ after repeatedly being a serious thorn in the Wallabies’ sides.

The Wallabies have a lot to prove, I’m sure Cheika knows that, and feeding his opponents ammo like this would definitely not be something the team is after.

It was only a year ago that the commentators all featured in promos deriding Eddie Jones comments ahead of the England series, before a press conference was crashed with foolish questions.

How’d those four Tests against England turn out?

Let’s stick to great initiatives like the live Wallabies squad announcement and leave the schtick on the sidelines.

At least, that’s what I reckon Michael Cheika’s face is saying.