Diatribe 3

By Rob Martin

The Elephant in the Room

Cheika…. Good lord. Could it get worse? Is he trying to fail in order to take over the ARU completely? Is this a greater conspiracy? Are the Wallabies really that bad? Stick with the defensive patterns as they are? It’s all attitude? The All Blacks went to sleep 40 points up and we are happy that we scored some soft tries? Kurtley Beale gets an award for the best loser in a losing team?? What in the hell is going on???

Cheika needs to learn a crab is a crab, and it’ll always be a crab. If you want to make it a gazelle, then you have to change something. This Wallabies defence was a crippled crab. The All Blacks started to emulate them in the second half, bringing themselves down to a level of mediocrity that has been commented on ad nauseam in the media.

Australia is now really in that realm of twilight wherein they are believe in their own hype despite the results. It’s a sort of madness that is being let go by a management that’s trying to …… ummm… destroy the game?

Cheika watch is going to be interesting

All Blacks vs Wallabies

I must admit, the Wallabies started well. Then the wheels left the field. They didn’t fall off, they were not wheels any more. Four weeks of preparation is becoming the Wallaby harbinger of disaster. I wonder what will happen next year. I think these training camps do more harm than good. At just past half time we were all cringing at the Wallabies and then started, knuckles in mouth, to lament the All Blacks total change from dominant primates to flightless birds in a cage with cats present. The game became farcical the way great players like Read were panics and rushed. We’re seeing the blueprint for the All Blacks demise. But, you have to be ahead first.. haha.

S. Moore confirmed himself as over. Gone missing Andy then stupid aggressive. It’s a sad way to see him go. I was never a great fan, but he did have some good games.

Beale…. Hmmm…. Is Australia going to continue to hide people in Defense?? Beale and Foley are hopeless.

Crotty…. He was the key, it all went to @$%^ when they rested him. Just sayin’

We got to the end and like the players, we just wanted to kick it into touch. When do we see the All Blacks do that these days?

Argentina vs South Africa

I have to admit that although South Africa played well, I didn’t get that all encompassing feeling of “wow”. They seemed to be scratchy early and played themselves in. They’ll have to tidy up aspects of their defence if they are not to let the All Blacks get in behind and create havoc. These forwards are up for it but I got the feeling they are still a work in progress and need to get some of those other basics right (as in defence). You won’t dominate the All Blacks forwards like that in the scrum and the collisions are likely to be tougher. But, as I have mentioned before, they are becoming the goods. I was stoked to see them playing with some vim and vigour that wasn’t just thuggery.


Well at least they didn’t provide headlines. A couple of calls that were marginal, but in the greater scheme they were OK.