RuggaMatrix International 013 – I am Pragmatic Too

This is a coaching special.

Former Ireland head coach and newly appointed mentor of the United States Eddie O’Sullivan is our special guest star and panel member. O’Sullivan joins us for the entire show and it’s a meaty conversation to say the least. Never one to take a backward step, O’Sullivan gives us his views on a host of subjects.

The Irishman has no love for the ELVs and as a result he’s been less than impressed with Super Rugby. He mounts a strong case for the old laws and makes plenty of robust points during the discussion. The panel was deeply impressed by the maturity shown by O’Sullivan and Les Kiss on the show. Two men from different Ireland coaching regimes but enitirely respectful of each other and they both should be commended for the way they handled themselves. Class acts.

Les Kiss has again gone beyond the call of duty by squeezing us in during such an important week in the Six Nations. Kiss talks about the dangers of facing Scotland at Murrayfield and the need to maintain the rage with two matches to play.

Bruce McLane from New York Athletic Club is back on the blower this week and he’s over the moon about the appointment of O’Sullivan as Eagles head coach. The Super League season is about to kick-off in the States and McLane gives us the details.

Ewen McKenzie is back in a winning frame of mind after racking up 50 points in the Top 14 at the weekend. He’s got some strong predictions for Rob Horne the young NSW centre and firms views that the Waratahs will be back in the finals again this year.

With such a gathering this week the topic of choice for our in depth analysis is COACHING.

The subjects discussed closely mirror the issues Martin Johnson currently faces with the England team. How do they deal with skill levels? Public perception, coaching assistants and picking their skippers. It’s an intriguing look inside the minds of these elite coaches.

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