RuggaMatrix International 017 – Dude I Can’t Go to That

Today’s title comes courtesy of our American correspondent Bruce McLane.

The New York Athletic coach puts in a vintage performance on this show as well as giving us the detail on the US Super League which is well and truly off and running.

Episode 017 sees Ewen McKenzie return to the panel after taking last week off for a team commitment. He updates us on the Top 14 and all things European rugby as the play-offs loom large for the Heineken Cup.

It’s crunchtime for the ELVs. We go through recommendations before the IRB committee and make some comments of our own.

We also answer questions from the chat room during our live stream.


In 017 we look at width … in depth. What does it mean to play with width, how do you do it and examples of it? The Chiefs in the Super 14 are brilliant at spreading the ball, so what’s the secret to a wide game and can it be successful over a long period? Ewen McKenzie’s analysis is again, second to none.

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